Constructors Validation


Our consulting services for constructors involved in production sites' construction for the Pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, are based on vast work experience in projects of this scope. 


We are closely familiar with the unique and critical needs of each of these two industries. Therefore, we can guarantee a precise composition of planning and execution processes, with clear focus on the set goal while avoiding unnecessary expenses.
Constructors Validation
Every project we have completed in recent years was executed in accordance with the strictest standards of the European Standardization and the FDA. 
We offer System Validation and Integration Services in the following areas: 
  • Structure certification
  • Critical systems & Production support systems validation
  • Equipment & Production line validation
  • Production Processes & Cleaning Processes Validation
  • Construction of complete validation arrays – Critical systems, equipment, cleaning  & processes    
We provide full support to the project from start to finish, including writing of protocols, execution and inspection of existing protocols. In addition, we assume responsibility for the project's presentation in regulatory inspections. Our familiarity with the unique requirements of the clean industry guaranties project execution in accordance with the strictest standards of performance quality. 
Our involvement in the project guarantees you, the executing constructor, peace of mind and the confidence that you are in good hands.
You are welcome to review some of our projects.